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     Fundraising Opportunities



This is the main fundraising opportunity for the K-12 wrestling programs.

The "Extravaganza" will be held April 8th, 2017 at Stacy Lent Hall.  Please check out the tab above for more information.


"Main Event" 

We also call this our "Alumni Night" we invite former wrestlers to join us for this event. 

This is usually "Parent Night", and "Senior Night",  the night we chose to honor Senior Wrestlers as well as thank parents for all their support throughout the season.

This fundraiser will be held TBD this year during our match against Irondale.  This "Main Event"  benefits the High School Wrestling Program,  and the additional funding needed for tournaments etc at the High School level.


"Team Poster"

This picture is taken each year for the current wrestling team and is used to promote the High School Wrestling Team and sponsors that support our program for each season.

Sponsors can become part of this opportunity by purchasing 3  tickets to the "Extravaganza" or by individual donations to advertise and support our poster.




 Our sponsors are the most important part of our fundraising

 efforts for the K-12 Wrestling programs. 

It is because of sponsors of our programs that we are able to offer opportunities and supply equipment to our wrestlers at little or no cost to them.

Please check out our current list of sponsors above and

thank them for supporting our programs.